I want to share with you 3 Mindset Shifts that can make a BIG difference for your impact-driven business.

Especially if things are not “flowing” enough right now (not enough progress, not enough traction, not enough clients, not enough money, not enough opportunities, … all that is linked ;) ).

But first, why would you need a mindset shift?!

Have you ever experienced ups and down in motivation? Set yourself a goal, feeling excited, and then for no reason, feeling like it is a way-too-big-of-a-mountain to climb?

>> Whenever we set ourselves up for something Big, or something New, or something Very-Important-For-Our-Heart, it is both exciting and scary at the same time.

And the thing is, unless we work on our mindset, we can hold ourselves back from moving forward. Self-sabotage. Lack focus. Take too many action at once, or not enough. Procrastinate.


The reason is: our brain (and ego) is programmed to prioritize survival.

And although the survival instinct was very useful for our species to survive when we homosapiens had to stay alive in a wild environment, it is disproportionate to our current environment.

Let’s be honest: the actions you want to take and the so-called “risks” your brains prevents you to take, are rarely life-or-deal type of risks. Launching your [ “business/website/offer/press release, …” ] is not as-big-as-a-risk as facing a lion in the jungle, and yet our primitive brain is wired to protect us the same way… preventing us from making progress !

We feel reassured to play safe instead of taking risks. NOT because it is a better fit (it’s often not !), but because the outcome is more predictable.

So then what happens?

Our comfort zone becomes uncomfortable!

We are stuck between playing safe not taking action (or taking wrong actions that leads nowhere), and feeling guilty/stuck for not making the progress we want to make / we see others make.


  • changing idea (=going backwards)
  • spending time planning, strategist, thinking it’s better to start “doing” in [ “X day/week/month/year/life” ]
  • thinking you need to find a co-founder / an investor / a team members to solve all YOUR problems
  • enrolling in a training/certification/course … (you won’t be “more ready” later ^^)

>> Because the truth is, staying in your comfort zone is a mindset problem (not a preparation one). If you don’t address the actual issue, the root cause, then it won’t make a difference. It would be like a plaster on a wooden leg !

Here are 3 Mindset Shifts to unlock your progress FAST:


As a strategist, I can tell you that there is never a good or a bad [ “idea/business model/marketing strategy, …”] to move forward, but one way that is more aligned with YOU.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, getting to know yourself inside-out is ESSENTIAL to make the choices that will create the best possible results.

For example: one tool I now offer to my clients is a Money Archetype test. It allows you to understand what is the best way for you and your unique relationship with money, to create financial abundance in your life (and flow for your business). Quite a useful thing to know !

Here is a testimonial of one of my client who recently got her Money Archetype test results :

“ Discovering my Money Archetypes allowed me to take a step back. I feel like I know myself better : I have a clear vision of my strengths, and of my contradictions as well. Which is extremely helpful to plan tangible actions in order to grow my business in a directly that suits me 100%. “ — E.D (Germany)


Comparing yourself with others is rarely enjoyable, and quite frankly not useful.

What works for them is not necessary what can work for YOU! We all have different abilities, personalities, values, strengths…
So if an extroverted person tells you you absolutely need to go to networking events to grow your business (because it works for them), it doesn’t mean that you, introvert, should copy this behavior.

The truth is: it wouldn’t work for YOU!!

You’d do it out of obligation, and people would feel that in your energy… and you wouldn’t get the same result as a genuinely networking-aligned person. Instead, you might get great results with pull marketing (the strategy I use myself, because I am an introvert!).

Discovering your Money Archetypes also helps with felling empowered to follow YOUR path (and stop trying to fit into what seems to work for others) :

“I found it interesting to realize that there are different money mindsets, and to put words on the ones that reflects how I experience life. It helps to understand that there is not just one way, and that it is not useful to try embrace another archetypes behavior just because it seems better than us. Instead of trying to change or feeling guilty for who I am, the Archetypes helped me define what I needed to work on in order to embrace my own personal strengths”. — C.B (France)


This is no secret: most (if not all!) successful entrepreneurs all have high-level coaches and/or mentors.

In a 2013 executive coaching survey, 80% of CEOs said they received some form of mentorship. In another research by Sage, 93% of startups admit that mentorship is instrumental to success.

And to be honest, Creators for Good would never have the level of success it has today (fully booked with happy clients, invitations to speak at international events, receiving awards, growing a team of 4…) If I had not invested in myself in the first place.

And the truth is: I continue to get help!

I regularly invest in 1on1 coaching programs because I see how much faster progress can be made when we have someone showing us the way (and keeping us accountable!).

Having a coach/mentor means you will be able to see what you can’t on your own. This is true for strategic decision, but also and most importantly for mindset shifts! The fears / doubts / unconscious limiting believes that are self-sabotaging your progress… all that can be removed with the external (and professional) help of a coach.

Here is the feedback I got from one of my client after only 3 months of mentoring (she went from having NO idea what to do with her professional life after a burnout, to defining her dream business, texting her idea in the market, designing her offer, defining fair prices, and launching her communication strategy! In 3 months – what takes 3 years without a coach).

“The more I move forward in my entrepreneurial journey, the more I realize the importance of money mindset in the future of my business. I thus found the Money Archetype test indispensable, totally complementing what we already worked on mindset-wise. I have already used what I learned in a very practical way, as I drafted a new offer and corresponding marketing plan. I feel more equipped to move forward!” — E.C. (France)

If you don’t have a mentor at the moment OR if you are not making the progress you want to make right now, THIS IS FOR YOU:


>> During this 30 to 45 minutes skype conversation, we will look at where you are now in your entrepreneurial journey + where you want to go, so that I can share with you the key steps I would recommend tailor-made for your situation.

Whether you decide to work with me after that or implement the steps on your own, you’ll get clarity (and confidence!) to bring your impact to a new level (which is my passion and purpose, and why I want to support YOU!).


In all transparency, those who apply for a discovery session this week are the very last who can then also join a mentoring program before the prices increase in June 2018.

They will also benefit from a 500€ value bonus: the Money Archetype assessment!

bonus Money archetypes

The Money Archetypes Assessment includes:

  • a confidential test, that will identify your top 3 archetypes – as well as your least relevent archetypes
  • a 45min (recorded) skype session where we interpret the results together, where I share with you how you can create more revenues AND impact based on your archetypes, and where you can ask me any question you have
  • identification of the key Mindset you should integrate in order to create more Flow and Abundance for your business and life, as well as a recommendation on how to imprint this mindset (so that it can impact your results in the long run, not just make you feel good in the moment)
  • a written summary of your key archetypes for you to keep and refer to in the future

>> If you want to grab the chance to get a Money Archetypes assessment as a bonus, all you need to do is apply for a discovery session right here.

Feel free to post a comment if you have any questions ;)


Solène is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Creators for Good.

She developed a methodology that allows Global Citizen to start and grow their own impactful businesses from anywhere in the world – and with no need for investors or government support.

Learn more!

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