Before starting to dig in next year’s strategy and goals, I find it important to take a moment to celebrate what is, and feel gratitude for our journey so far.

Make a 2017 assessment, take a break, a step back from your business, rest and regenerate, so you can start 2018 full of energy and clarity.

Here are 17 things I want to remember for myself / and share with you, about epic 2017:


#1 In 2017, Creators for Good’s impact doubled!!

Over the last 12 months, I mentored twice as many impact-driven entrepreneurs as I did in 2016. All that with working exactly the same amount of time (or even maybe a little bit less).

#2 Success is no accident

I did not double my impact « by chance ». It was my plan from day 1 of January 2017, and I made sure I had the right strategy to achieve this goal.

#3 Being extremely precise when goal setting is the first step to attracting amazing opportunities

Too many people don’t set ambitious goal because they are not sure how to reach them, or fear to be disappointed if they don’t. When in fact, being extremely precise in what you truly want is the first step to making is possible. More about that here ;)

#4 Taking time to set future goals is important, looking back and analysing what « has been » as well!

This year, I measured Creators for Good’s impact for the very first time in 3 years. And I am so glad I did! I learned some essential insights I would have never noticed without taking a step back and actually looking at the data. More about that here ;)

#5 Less is More

I did not develop anything new, instead I focused my time and energy on what had given most results in the past years. I also said « no » to much more ideas and opportunities, in order to maintain that focus.

#6 It doesn’t have to be hard

I used to believe entrepreneurship is hard. Generating both impact and revenues at the same time is even harder. This year, I decided to free myself from those limiting believes… and it worked!

#7 Mindset is as important as strategy

As a strategist by trade, I used to believe it was the most important aspect of success. This year, I used the exact same strategy (same services, same marketing, same market) and « just » by working on my mindset, my impact doubled!

#8 Allowing yourself to live your dream life is good for business

One of the key « WHY » behind Creators for Good is freedom, and especially my freedom to live and work from anywhere. This year, I took it one step further by working and travelling during 3 full weeks. Even if I worked part-time, my business hit a revenue record that month. More about that over here ;)

#9 Earning & spending money is part of every changemakers journey

When I started my entrepreneurial journey, I thought creating an impact would mean to sacrifice. Earning less, spending less. It took me a while to realise this thinking was keeping me small, and preventing me from actually having a big impact. Now, I earn (much) more then in my corporate « good-job », I generate enough money to have amazing team members (4 in total!) to help me grow, I invest in high-quality support… AND it allows me to show my clients how all that is possible for them / their impact as well. Learn more about combining money and sustainable ethics ici.

#10 Playing small doesn’t help anyone

Before doubling my impact, I had to work a lot on my mindset and especially, accept to shine brighter, to play bigger, to ask for more, to be more ambitious. And although I have always considered myself ambitious (ever since I was a child), I had unconscious fears about being « too » successful. I had to release this block (many, if not most, women have) in order to do this quantum leap.

#11Investing in yourself is the best investment there is

I attribute most of this year’s success to me deciding to get help and make a big investment in myself, in the form of a mentoring program. Learn more about that (+ figure out if this is a smart move for you right now) here ;)

#12 Surrounding yourself with the right people is essential

I have a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs I now share my journey with, and I am so grateful to be surrounded by those authentic and ambitious souls.

#13 Every entrepreneur should belong to at least one « circle » or mastermind

Creating « cicles » for authentic sharing and accountability is one of the things I am working on offering to my beneficiaries (maybe you?) next year. No more loneliness, no more procrastination, hello accountability & collaboration ! If this sounds exiting to you, comment this article and you’ll be the first to know when this comes to life.

#14 Time management doesn’t have to be linear

There are seasons in nature for a reason. Day and night alternates so we can both create and rest on a daily basis. This year, I experimented a new way to organise my time, following my menstrual cycle instead of trying to ignore it / push against it. A g.a.m.e. c.h.a.n.g.e.r ! You can learn more about that here ;)

#15 Success doesn’t mean perfect

This year has been more successful, and yet it doesn’t mean everything was smooth either ^^ I had a number of bad experiences, including poor investment decisions (oups!), a bad hire (quitting the job after just two months, oups again!), a client giving up (small percentage, but still!!), a number of hate mail, negative unsolicited-feedback & mean social media comments (rrrrrrr…), tensions with my partner about how much importance I give to my work (too much?), and the list goes on…

#16 Sharing our imperfections is what makes us human and relatable (and so, empowering!)

This year, the very most popular blog article I published was inspired by the 100+ answers I got after sending a newsletter about one of my (many), and probably most visible imperfection : my spelling mistakes. Hundreds of support messages, entrepreneurs sharing how my imperfections inspire them to go after their own dreams despite not being perfect either. Read the article here ;)

#17 What is most difficult can become what is most precious

Most successful sustainable entrepreneurs I mentor and/or meet, have in common a dark time, a difficult experience, they then transcend into something positive for the world. Failures and darkness can be the coal that turns into diamonds.

One of the most difficult aspect of leadership for me, is having a team. This is one of the reason of my past burn-out. And yet, today, growing my team* is my most precious asset – especially since I have been almost constantly at full capacity in my one-on-one mentoring programs for the past 7 months. I know that expending my team even more is what will allow me to expend my impact and spend most on my time in my zone of genius, supporting even more sustainable entrepreneurs worldwide… and so transcending my past traumatic experience and growing my leadership skills is one of my most precious challenge to date!

I hope all this inspires you !


✮ I wish you a wonderful end of 2017 ✮


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Solène is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Creators for Good.

She developed a methodology that allows Global Citizen to start and grow their own impactful businesses from anywhere in the world – and with no need for investors or government support.

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