You are a creative professional, a designer, artist, craftmaker etc, and you want to put your creativity at good use.

Off course you want to make a leaving out of your creations, but your true motivation comes from a much broader aspiration. You want your creations to be useful, to have a positive impact on the planet and the society, and why not even contribute to change the world.

The expression “changing the world” sounds too utopist for you? Not if you create a social venture, i.e. a business which doesn’t aim only at making money, but first of all at having a positive impact on the society!

Here are the top 5 reasons (amongs 100s ;) why creative professions and social business can be a recipe for sustainable success:

# 1 out-of-the-box thinking

Social entrepreneurship requires to think differently. It requires to dream harder, to innovate stronger and to find alternative ways in order to solve a social issue. Designers, artist, craftmakers etc are often not only creative with their hands, they have creative minds and can find solutions when the general public only sees problems.


# 2 daring mindset

Most creative professionals can be considered as bold. This is a great advantage to create an audacious social venture. Indeed, not only you need to think out-of-the-box, you also need to dare bringing this idea to life!


# 3 Persistency, persistency

Entrepreneurship requires tenacity. Social entrepreneurship even more, as the society does not always understand clearly the long term benefit of it. It requires double the efforts to convince banks and investors to support such project. Creative people here again have a great advantage! Every creative process requires a great deal of determination and persistency. At art school, future creators are though to re-do and re-do over and over again without giving up in order to reach their goal. One of the best qualities to have to become a social entrepreneur!


# 4 Universality potential

“Art is universal. It unites mankind in common brotherhood. As a missionary of civilization, its message is both to heart and mind.” (James Jackson Jarves)  

Art, design, craft, … all kinds of creations have the potential to touch people beyond borders and beyond civilizations. An ambition every social entrepreneur should have for their social impact!


# 5 Capacity to inspire

Social ventures have responsibilities. The responsibility to have a positive social impact, yes. But also, the responsibility to change mindsets, to convey a strong message, and hopefully even to inspire others. Isn’t it what creativity is about too?



As the founder of Creators for Good, I wish to inspire and guide creative people into the design of their dream social venture. Feel free to share this article with anyone you know who it could help gain confidence that YES, creative people have the potential to change the world through social entrepreneurship!


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Solène is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Creators for Good.

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