Becoming a changemaker is absolutely awesome:

  • You get to do a work that makes sense (for you and for the planet)
  • You are free to work with like-minded people
  • You are free to set up your own goals
  • You are free to live on your own terms
  • You are free to take action on your own path and rhythm

BUUUUuuuuut… so much freedom also comes with tons of responsibilities, and choices to make!

As a strategy consultant for citizen entrepreneurs, my role is to guide changemakers so they can make an impact (and a living) faster than if they had to figure it all out by themselves.

One of the thing I discovered while guiding dozen of changemakers from different countries, is that the more you’re crystal clear on your personal foundations to “why you do what you do”, the easier (and faster!) you can take action consistently to get closer to your goals.

  • Ok, so, “how do I get crystal clear on my “why I do what I do” you’re asking.
  • Well, this is where the IKIGAI wisdom comes into play!
  • IKIGA-what?!

IKIGAI (or should I write 生き甲斐 ;) ) is a japanese wisdom, that helps clarify our “reason of being”, or the meaning of our life on earth.

You probably have come across this diagram:

Ikigai diagram


There is another, more complete version to it, that adds what filling 3 out the 4 dimensions bring us:

Ikigai diagram 2


This actually helped me a lot to understand my state of mind before finding my IKIGAI (and becoming an entrepreneur!)

  • Volunteering for a small association made me feel fulfilled, but I wasn’t paid so it was not comfortable over-time.
  • Working in the corporate world was comfortable, but extremely unfulfilling as I didn’t love what I did (and to be honest, the world did not actually need that company so much either, only investors were benefiting from it’s existence)
  • Working as a strategist for famous brands brought me satisfaction, but no contentment as it was not in line with my vision of the world (I wanted to do something that really mattered!)
  • Working of an environmental startup made me feel content, but not 100% satisfied because my role was so small compared to what I felt I could do

To be honest, it was quite hard to find my IKIGAI, my reason of being, without any compromise.

The 1st step was believing it is possible to be Content, Fulfilled, Satisfied AND Comfortable all at the same time (in a society that was telling me I was idealist and that every work comes with sacrifices).

If you still doubt it’s possible: I, Solene, 28 years old Global Citizen can testify to you that it really really is possible, and sooooooooo enjoyable!

The 2nd step was getting clear on the 4 dimensions of the IKIGAI. Without a methodology, it took me several weeks (and multiple breack-through moments usually in the middle of the night!).

In the end, I realised the very best thing I could do with my life was to become : a strategist for global citizen becoming value-driven entrepreneurs. When I finally found my mission, I felt like all the pieces of the puzzle finally fitted together !! Now that I have been growing my business for a year and a half, I still use my IKIGAI as a compass to direct my focus and make sure every new decision I make goes into the right direction.

From my experience, I decided to make it easier for you! I have put together a free Workbook, with questions that will help you find your own IKIGAI ;)

Ikigai button

(Please don’t print it! It is a filable PDF, to fill from your desktop – not sure it works on mobile. Save this page for later if you are reading from your phone!)

[ bonus ] Here is a short video explaining how I first came across the IKIGAI methodology, how you can use it depending on the step of the journey you are in ;)

Tell me in the comments below if you find it useful! What is your IKIGAI?!


Solène is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Creators for Good.

She developed a methodology that allows Global Citizen to start and grow their own impactful businesses from anywhere in the world – and with no need for investors or government support.

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