Today September 1st 2019, it has been 5 years since I launched my own impact-driven business : Creators for Good !

I have brainstormed a lot about how to celebrate these 5 years… and ended up deciding to create this Impact Report infographics. What can be better to celebrate all that has been achieved (in 5 questions : Who, Why, How Far, How Much and How) while offering to my beneficiaries – a.k.a. YOU dear reader of this article – some inspiration to create and quantify your own impact.

In all transparency, it was not a light work to gather all the data (5 years is loooong!), but I am really happy I did !

It allowed me to dive back into our archives, and reconnect with my Why with a big ‘W’, and really ask myself : how does my ambition actually translates in reality? What does “having a positive impact” mean, when my daily life as an entrepreneur is mostly full of clients requests, emails to write, admin tasks and other joys of a tight entrepreneur’s schedule.

Doing an impact report, is taking a step back on your activity. It’s going away from the ‘to do’. It is giving a new perspective to your actions.

Beyond the satisfaction I felt by doing this exercise : some numbers surprised me in a good way, like the success rate of my clients that drastically improved over the last two years – or the overall traffic of my website that I would never guessed!. It also gave me the motivation to imagine what the NEXT 5 years could be about.

I tend to set yearly goals ( see in this article my 3 step method method to achieve them), but I had never looked at a goal for as far as 2024 ^^

By measuring precisely what has been achieved in the past 5 years, I now have a much clearer idea of where I want to go. 

I even set 3 ambitions for the 10 years anniversary of Creators for Good… which you will discover at the end of this article !

Before sharing with you this infographics, I want to thank Kat Luckock, founder of Share Impact and strategic consultant specialised in impact reporting for social entrepreneurs. I benefited from her services to craft this impact report and it has been tremendously helpful ! As well as Caroline Gaujour, my favourite graphic illustrator, who’s drawings are so much part of Creators for Good’s identity ! 

Here are the results of our Impact Report – put together in August 2019 :

Share your reactions in the comments !

What does this impact report inspire you? Do you have questions on some of the data?!

What about you, how do you measure the impact you create as a purpose-driven entrepreneur?