How much more impact could you create, if you had an empowered relationship with money ?!

In the 1st part of this blog article, I shared how discovering and working on my “Money Mindset” helped Creators for Good reach financial sustainability – and how essential uncovering your own money blocks can be if you are yourself an impact-driven entrepreneur.

In this 2nd part, I am sharing how beyond financial sustainability, my business reach a whole new level of impact thanks to discovering my own Money Archetypes.

What brought me to discover Money Archetypes

While I worked on pacifying my relationship with money, I off courses started to mentor my own clients on this mindset topic as well (as a strategist, I love working on business foundations, authentic marketing, sales funnels etc. BUT I also know that this is only 50% of the equation… and that without an empowered mindset to carry through those strategies, the results won’t be there!).

Early 2018, I decided to take this to a new level.

I wanted to go beyond sharing “what worked for me” with my clients, and gain some additional expertise to add a layer of support and impact to my mentoring programs.

I discovered a tool developed by Kendall Summerhawk (one of the world most renown coach for Women entrepreneurs, who has been the mentor of my own money coach). The tool is called Sacred Money Archetypes®, and basically is a personality test that helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of someone’s relationship with money.

I realized no one was sharing such wisdom in the impact-driven space (yet!), and so I decided to invest back some of Creators for Good profit into a coaching certification that would allow me to give the Money Archetypes assessment to the purpose-driven entrepreneurs I support.

I did not know at the time that this decision would be such a huge game changer in my consulting practice… and my own life !

Why discovering your Money Archetypes is empowering

Money Archetypes are the 8 different ways humans feel and deal with money.

None of the Archetypes are better or worse at “handling money”, they simply each have specific talents & key weaknesses.

By acknowledging those, and adjusting your mindset to overcome your specific challenges and embrace your unique strengths, you can be truly empowered and reach your full potential. 

Without this knowledge, you may be more or less comfortable with the different ways money circulates depending on your archetypes.

One key thing to acknowledge first is that money is made to circulate. The more it circulate, the more abundance everyone experience. The less it circulates, the more unfair situations arise.

money archetype - circulation

Unless we embrace an empowered mindset, we can block money circulation in our life. We get stuck into a not abundant reality that not only creates stress in the short term, but also unsustainability in the long run.

  • Some archetypes are comfortable with receiving money (earning / asking) BUT have troubles enjoying that money in their daily life and / or saving it for later.
  • Some Archetypes are comfortable with being generous with themselves and/or others with their money (spending / giving) but can find it hard to ask/receive money and/or save enough.
  • Some Archetypes are comfortable with saving money / investing in the long run, but can find it difficult (or feel guilt) when spending money and/or receiving it.

And because we all are not just 1 but a combination of 3 archetypes (that reflects our unique personality), it can also create internal conflicts when two opposite archetypes are pulling into different directions.

Discovering my own archetypes

Remember, I mostly took this training to add value to my clients. That said, I off course first experienced the tool on myself (and then, on a number of kind guinea pigs ;) ). And what I discovered really blew my mind !

  • My archetypes explained that I am great at creating unconventional ways of earning money (hello entrepreneurial spirit!), as well as leading the way for others to do so / believe in their own alternative ideas (a.k.a. Creators for Good’s mission!!)
  • I also realized that my hard working personality came from my relationship with money (which partly explained the burn out I did in my corporate job). It showed I have an insatiable ambition and the drive to lead the way to a world where everyone succeeds… if I first allow myself to “embrace my destiny with grace and ease” (which sounded really hard at first ^^).
  • Lastly, it showed I am naturally good at saving money, because money makes me feel safe BUT I can feel guilty when spending it / investing it – sometimes preventing me from benefiting from opportunities and future return on investments.

In other words, understanding what my archetypes are and how they sometimes complete each other, sometimes compete with each others, put my business mission into perspective. It also showed me the key mindset transformation I had to make to embrace my highest potential, as well as the weakness I needed to tackle in order to not be slowed down.

This new level of self awareness brought my business to a whole new level.

I had the external confirmation that I was on the right track “mission wise”, and all I needed to do was to stop working too much / over-delivering and instead allow some “ease” … by investing more in the short term to take things off my shoulders, and create more long-term value.

In just a few month (from February to April 2018) I hired an additional team member to take on a piece of my business operation that is not my zone of genius (nor my cup of tea!) and hired a new leadership coach to uplevel Creators for Good’s impact.

As a result : 

My capacity increased by 25% (I could have more impact than ever before!) AND even if I opened more space for more clients to come in, my upleveled energy allowed me to attract many new clients in Creators for Good’s programs. I reached full capacity much faster than I thought was possible, and was fully booked in April 2018 (and started to pre-book some spots in advance !).

I had my highest month in business (doubling the revenues generated that very same month a year ago).

More investments > less work > more impact and revenues !

What makes me really proud, is that beyond the impact I get to create by sharing my talents and newly gained extra skills with my growing pool of clients, I also get to create jobs ! And not just for myself (like at the beginning of my journey), but also for like-minded women (who happen to all be young mothers working remotely to have a workstyle that suits their family :) ).

This is something I did not think was possible when I started on my entrepreneurial journey. I did not envision it, I did not ambition it even… This is what happens when you transform your mindset as an entrepreneur : you get to grow your impact in ways you did not even dare to dream of :)

And the (big!) plus is that it make the whole journey SO MUCH more enjoyable, when you lead from a place of empowerment instead of fear !

Here are a couple of testimonials shared by some of my clients who benefited from the Money Archetypes assessment :

“ Discovering my Money Archetypes allowed me to take a step back. I feel like I know myself better : I have a clear vision of my strengths, and of my contradictions as well. Which is extremely helpful to plan tangible actions in order to grow my business in a directly that suits me 100%. “  — E.D (Germany)


“I found it interesting to realize that there are different money mindsets, and to put words on the ones that reflects how I experience life. It helps to understand that there is not just one way of handling finances, and that it is not useful to try embrace another archetypes behaviour just because it seems better than us. Instead of trying to change or feeling guilty for who I am, the Archetypes helped me define what I needed to work on in order to embrace my own personal strengths”. — C.B (France)


“The more I move forward in my entrepreneurial journey, the more I realize the importance of money mindset in the future of my business. I thus found the Money Archetype test indispensable, totally complementing what we already worked on mindset-wise. I have already used what I learned in a very practical way, as I drafted a new offer and corresponding marketing plan. I feel more equipped to move forward!”  — E.C. (France)

In other words, recognizing the importance of Money Mindset & removing your money blocks is a fantastic way to reach financial sustainability for your impact business, like I shared in part 1 of this article.

Beyond financial sustainability, embracing your Money Archetypes is a fantastic way to feel empowered as a business owner, focus on your strengths (instead of trying to fit in what seems to be working for others) and grow your impact naturally, for good.

In an upcoming blog article (in collaboration with my favorite Graphic Storyteller, Caroline), you’ll discover the 8 archetypes and their key strengths and weaknesses.


Solène is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Creators for Good.

She developed a methodology that allows Global Citizen to start and grow their own impactful businesses from anywhere in the world – and with no need for investors or government support.

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