Before you came across this website…

puce-oiseauYou started your own purpose-driven business a couple of months / years ago.

puce-oiseauThere are BIG ups and down for your business
, and it really affects your motivation. Sometimes you feel you can move mountains, sometimes you just have too much on your shoulders.

puce-oiseauYou are thrilled to be able to have a positive impact of society while generating an income
… even if for now you are far from having reached your full capacity. You find it really hard to generate enough income to be financially self-sustainable

puce-oiseauIf it continues like this, you will have you will have to close down.
All those efforts for nothing?! Impossible! You have left a “good” corporate career in order to become an entrepreneur: you really to succeed and especially you do not want to have to take back a corporate job.

It’s not about IF it can work.

It’s about finding a way to MAKE IT work.

The problem is:

You wish you could concentrate on the core mission of your enterprise, without having to spend that much time on communication, social media, community management, and (last but not least) sales.

You have tried to get outside perspectives, but everyone seem to point in different directions. You try a bit of this and a bit of that, avoiding making big changes. But by constantly mitigating the risks, you end up having no or very very little results.

You feel completely overwhelmed and wonder if there actually is a solution or not. You start losing confidence in your project, or worth, in yourself.

 I strongly believe (and probably you do too?!) that what the world needs alternative entrepreneurs who challenge how society works, and create a better future in a self-sustainable way.

That’s why I want to support YOU.

What you need right now:

What you need is not to win a competition…

…or spend all your money on facebook advertizing. You don’t need to work 300 hours per week to make it work (and it’s not about finding a better market either).

What you need is a roadmap that covers all aspect of entrepreneurship…

…a step by step plan for your initiative to effectively become financially sustainable through (much) more sales of your product/service, a strategy for how to maximize your time & efforts, as well as personal development tools for you to effectively find the leadership style that suits you.

Once you take control (and the responsibility that goes with it) over the success of your initiative, and apply the right strategy that will allow you to generate more impact and more income at the same time, you can and you will effectively…

… reach financial sustainability.

And well, this is where I come into play!



I know exactly where you are today because I have been there myself too + I have already supported dozen of Global Citizen like you making this transition.
I have developed a methodology to finally get reach financial sustainability with your sustainable business.


uplevel for good

A 12 months individual program to redirect your strategy, so you can finally make a (good) living and a difference at the same time

What you will get: 

audit-sample-creators-for-good-770x4181 collaborative assessment of your business journey so far (in the form of a long questionnaire for you to fill) so we can effectively re-direct your strategy and elaborate the right course of action for you to take in order to combine more reliable revenues & more positive impact.

VIDEO_COURSE_WORKBOOK9 e-learning modules – including video trainings, templates & workbooks : to guide you step-by-step at finding the key answers you need to validate in order to take action, so you stop feeling overwhelmed by the “mountain” of things to figure out.

key-toolsKey tools and templates (efficient website pages templates, growth hacking checklists, financial sustainability calculation tool, how to hire an administrative assistant, etc.): so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel and can take action right away.

session1 X 60 minutes individual mentoring session every month (12 in total): to answer your questions, uncover your potential limiting believes, boost your motivation and encourage you to go beyond what you would do on your own.

mail-exchangeAccess to me via email for proofreadings and feedbacks: so you never get stuck from one week to the other and get all the support you need to take action beyond your comfort zone.

clock-facing-up-leftA tailor-made “sustainability strategy” recommendation (designed by me just for you) during a 90 minutes final consulting session at the end of the program: so you have a confirmation of how to continue driving your sustainable business forward, in a profitable and impactful way.


>> 1 “Money Archetype” test in order to understand your relationship with money, inherent strengths and weaknessesidentify new positive mindsets to adopt 
>> Access to a client-only Private Online Community (via a secret Facebook group) so you can share your journey with like-minded people, get answers to your daily questions, and celebrate your achievements (big and small!). Entrepreneurship can be lonely… but it doesn’t have to be ;)

12 months from today you could…

puce-oiseau Finally make a good-enough living out of your purpose-driven initiative! Generate income that would soon allow you to live the life you truly want, as well as reinvest into the growth of your business – and thus of your impact.

puce-oiseau Feel confident in the future of your activity
– that doesn’t even feel like working! – and start growing long term collaborations with like-minded people you thrive working with.

puce-oiseau Know exactly where you are going, and how to get there – plus how to handle the emotional ups and downs we all experience as entrepreneurs.

“For those determined to fly, having no wings is just a little detail.”

― Jane Lee Logan

It is up to YOU to make it happen.

It cannot be done in just one day.

There is no magic wand. No quick recipe. No short cuts.

It does take courage, dedication, focus and determination.

It doesn’t need to take 3 years either ;)

Here is the trick: You don’t need time. You need a strategy.

So that you concentrate your time and energy on answering the right questions and taking the right actions.

In less then a year – and if you take action on all the tools and methodologies I will share with you – you CAN and you WILL earn a good living while generating a positive, self-sustainable impact.

Marie“This program really help with bringing my impact & revenues to a new level : from local contracts to numerous online clients. I knew what I wanted to do and I know – that I wanted that to be done online, but I didn’t know where to start. And I was afraid. I felt like I needed someone to hold my hand. One of the biggest change I experienced is to finally be able communicate about my own professional viewpoint in my industry. That is something I wanted since a very long time, and I finally managed to get it out. I finally felt comfortable with the angle I wanted to offer in my services.

Marie Laurence – meaningful career co-designer

Your investment: 6 590€ (incl. taxes & VAT)

– Option 1 –

Full payment at once (best option)

6 190€

instead of 6 590€ (400€ Discount!)

– Option 2 –

Monthly installments 

1190€ down patment + 12 x 450€

Total of 6 590€

Prices are indicated Inclusive of Taxes (20% VAT may be deductible depending on the geographic location and tax registration of the client. The details will be explained during the discovery session). 

This investment can be reported under the Professional Dues category, and thus deducted in some case from your taxes. 

What we will work on during our programme

5 good reasons to invest money in strategic support:

#1 – You are the beating heart of your sustainable business. Investing money in building your leadership & maximize your Results On Efforts is the best investment you can make (just like investing in your website was important when you prepared to launch your initiative – except that this time, the impact will go far beyond your google presence ;) )

#2 – Investing money makes you accountable. It’s like watching yoga video on YouTube vs signing up for a course: unless you are naturally-great-at-it, self-learning is extremely hard. (Hint: all your life you’ve been taught to be an employee. Entrepreneurship needs to be learned too ;) )

#3 – Investing in an individual program is putting all chances on your side to succeed. Yes you can find cheaper option (books, group workshops, etc.), but their success rate is also lower. Just like it’s easier to “drop” a gym membership vs. a private coach ;)

#4 – Enrolling a program gives you a deadline. It builds momentum for you to focus your time and creativity on this one – super important – challenge. No excuses. No procrastination. Actions and results.

#5 – It’s an investment in yourself. And yes, in case you doubt it: YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Bonus questionHow happy and released would it make you feel to be financially self-sustainable 1 year from now? How important would it be for your life? How much does that worth to you?

Get Started Today 

Free (no strings attached)

So we can validate if we are a good fit to work together!

6 590€

(Only possible after our validation during a free strategy session)

What you can expect of me


I have been through this transformation from unfulfilling career to purpose driven entrepreneurship. I know more than anyone how isolating and difficult this big change can be. You can count on my empathy to support you through this intense change of paradigm.


Working together on launching your sustainable business will require trust and transparency. You can count on my professionalism and business ethics to explore different scenarios and possibilities without keeping any idea for yourself. Same goes for confidential information.

Structure & Empowerment

Joining this program and using my methodology will give you the framework to express your creativity and your personality. I am here to empower you, not to tell you what you should / should not do.
You can trust me on this:
YOU can do it!

For you?

  • You are truly determined to succeed, you just need someone to guide you
  • You are creative and innovative, and want to unlock your potential
  • You understand it will take time and efforts
  • You are open to new ideas and willing to try strategies before making up your mind

Not for you?

  • You are thinking of becoming an entrepreneur on the side of your day-job, for fun
  • You are looking for someone to do the work for you
  • You are allergic to Internet & new technologies

Geraldine“Today, I am running my own company, with a legal existence, a chartered accountant, suppliers, customers, and this is a big, big change! It is a wonderful gift to be supported in this transformation. As entrepreneurs, we are often alone. It is nice to have someone by your side, who encourages you, stimulates you, who shares ideas and best practices with you.”

Geraldine – Happiness at Work’ Impresario & founder of Gemmosphere


How fast can I get results?

After just a few sessions, you can start having the “psychological” benefits of working with me: self-confidence, and motivation to work on each step. Half-way through the program, the “business” benefits will start as well, with a clear(er) business project and more visibility on authentic marketing strategies / efficient revenue streams / potential scale of your growing impact.

I am still an employee and my week days are full. Do you work at night/during the weekend?

I do not work during the weekends. However, I sometime have strategy sessions in the evening (generally on Tuesdays or Thursdays) if necessary. I am used to work around my clients time zones, and will adapt to your schedule as much as possible.

If you truly want your business to be sustainable & successful, you might want to consider investing your full time energy & creativity in it (or at least, find a way to work maximum “part time” for your bread-and-butter income).

Are there other investments I should take into account on top of your program?

Yes. You may have to invest into a couple of communication tolls (website make-over, webinar platform, newsletter pro-plan, Facebook advertising, etc.), and potentially hire a part-time assistant at some point. The exact calculation and guidelines to choose the best solutions for you is something we will do during the program (few hundred of dollars in total, to be calculated depending on your activity).

I am interested in your services, but I have not yet launched my business. Do you offer other programs for people like me?

Yes. There is a 9 months program called “Bloom for Good”, which includes some of the above features. It will help you validating your business idea, as well as launching it + starting generating revenues & positive impact.

> You can look at the details right here!

I like your approach, but I don’t feel ready yet. What can I do before joining your program?

I encourage you to take my 10 days email course on finding your own sustainable business model. It will give you many clues about your potential purpose-driven initiative, and will give you a taste of what it’s like to work through my methodology!

I still have a question, can I contact you?

Sure! You can write me a message in the contact page of this website (here). You can expect my answer within 24 to 48 hours.

Get Started Today 

Free (no strings attached)

So we can validate if we are a good fit to work together!

6 590€

(Only possible after our validation during a free strategy session)