• Did you teach your parents how to use their cell phones?
  • Do you need to know WHY before complying with a rule?
  • Do you think that sharing is more important then having?

This article is for you ;)


We all have heard about the “Y” generation (Gen Y), and I actually often recognize myself as part of it when I read articles about us, famous “millennials”. In this blog article, I want to share with you WHY I think that us, Gen Yers, are made to become social entrepreneurs.

As you sure know, Gen Y. has been defined as such as opposed to Generation X, born between the 60s and the 80s, those post baby-boomers who grew up during the cold war. More educated then their elders, they are more ambitious too: competitive and independent, Gen X saw life as a race where you have to go fast and earn a lot to be socially considered as successful.

Gen Yers are different. We grew up together with the Internet, large access to affordable travel, the urge of climate change and social disparities disappearance ambition. Conveniently, Gen Y is pronounced as Gen “why” – which makes it even easier to define:


Carreer equals Purpose:

–> The WHY matters more than the how much: we seek for purpose in our career more than just a way of earning money.

Innovation & out-of-the-box thinking :

–>We like doing things differently and embrace changes rapidly. Actually, change is something we aspire to.  WHY not? Nothing is impossible.

Collaboration :

–> We feel we can benefit from our elders experience as much as they can benefit from our perspectives too. Collaboration is thus much preferred to pyramidal organization (yeurk), as it allows everyone to express its creativity and true talent – which is one of the key reason WHY we work.

Have an impact:

–> Another reason WHY we work is making a difference in the long term. Having a game changing impact is a key motivation vs short term individual financial return.


I guess you start wondering WHY did I put “social entrepreneurship” in the title of this article.. Right?

There are many definitions going around the Internet trying to define #SocEnt. Basically, social entrepreneurs are tackling social issues (such as health, education, access & equality, peace, poverty alienation, cultural or environmental preservation, etc) using business methods. When “standard” entrepreneurs measures success in financial profit, “social” entrepreneur much prefers to measure the positive impact on the society – while making money at the same time.

I would like to stress that Social Businesses are not charities. As Pr. Yunus says so truly, “Charity is no solution […] Most often we use charity to avoid recognizing the problem and finding the solution for it.” Social entrepreneurship is about finding solutions. A sustainable revolution that will truly change the world.

So, WHY does Generation Y has the ability revolutionize the world through #SocEnt?


Carreer equals Purpose:

faviconSocial entrepreneurship is a great way to align your career with your purpose. Working for a company is most of the time synonym of contributing to someone else’s purpose and ambition. Social entrepreneurship is not only about being your own boss, it is about fulfilling your life purpose and living meaningful experiences.

Innovation & out-of-the-box thinking :

faviconSocial entrepreneurship requires to find solutions where others only sees problems. Today’s social and environmental challenges may seem insurmountable to many.. but not to Gen Y! We grew up with no more war in west Europe (after non-stop rivalries for centuries), unbelievable medical discoveries, the end of apartheid in South Africa, gender equality becoming a reality (in some place of the world at least). We believe in positive change, and we believe it won’t come from an “invisible hand” or politicians. We can make it happen.

Collaboration :

faviconSocial entrepreneurs are constantly making connections, networking, sharing ideas and working in diverse groups. Gen Y are natural human connectors, both in real life and online. Global networking ability is a key success factor for Gen Yers to spread the word about their game-changing solution and create a truly wide impact with their Social Venture!

Have an impact:

faviconSocial entrepreneurship is a fantastic way to have an impact on our society. And not whatever impact: the one you chose and the one you are truly committed to. Social ventures have positive impact without compromising: social positive impact and environmental long term preservation are aligned with financial incomes.

Last but not least: Gen Yers are graduating from “great” studies in the worse job market you can ever nightmare about. It’s hard enough to find a job, so how to find a job that gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the world? WHY don’t you create that job you are dreaming about?!

In my personal case, I decided to become a social entrepreneur because it seemed as the best way to truly put my creativity at good use, while nurturing my purpose: help social enterprises be successful and inspire other potential change-makers make our world a better place.

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