Workshop invitation > Succeed Without Investors

You’re a woman changemaker (or aspiring), and “competition” is not your thing?

Well, the good news is : entrepreneurship doesn’t necessary mean investors pitching & grants chasing… Especially if your #1 priority is to create a positive impact in the world!

>> Join the online workshop I am hosting to share with you my experience in building impactful businesses WITHOUT having to sell your soul (and with just a bit of savings).

The workshop will take place on Tuesday November 29th at 1pm UK time (click here to check the time in your city).

It is FREE, but spots are limited  – so make sure to sign up !

This workshop is brought-to-you by :

This workshop is brought-to-you by :

Solène, founder & Chief Empowerment Officer @ Creators for Good.

Back in 2014, I quit my corporate job to launch my own purpose-driven business. I learned “first hand” how to choose a business model that allows you to have an impact while generating enough revenues to sustain yourself – using Human-Centered design approach and Lean methodology.

Since then, I have empowered 20+ individuals from 15 countries to start their own impactful businesses… without EVER having to “seduce” investors to fund their venture.

During the workshop, I’ll be sharing the strategies I have seen work best (and the pitfalls you can avoid!).

Looking forward to see you there!