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fondatrice de Teams 4 Purpose

Hello I’m Marena Eirich, I live in Paris and I’m the founder of “Teams 4 Purpose”. I help companies activate their CSR (corporate social responsibility) via intrapreneurship and the collective intelligence of their employees.

More and more people want to act on climate change to help create a more sustainable future in their private lives but don’t have the opportunity to do so at work. The program’s purpose is to make acting on climate change easier and bridge objectives, CSR and sustainability objectives with people’s day-to-day jobs. As we know, if you have a purpose and are happy with your job, you’re more likely to be engaged which is thus really beneficial for companies. One could say, a win-win for people-planet-profit.

Companies using intrapreneurship help people develop new skills, think differently, become more innovative. An American intrapreneurship institute states 3 major benefits of using intrapreneurship: new products and services, more market share and better performances. Basically, doing something good for the environment and the planet can also contribute positively to companies and their profit.

10 months ago I started Solène’s program after quitting a startup I had co-founded. I knew what I didn’t want but I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I had worked many years in business, marketing and communication but decided to change my career and got a degree in sustainable business. I then co-founded a startup in circular economy but I realized that it wasn’t in alignment with what I truly wanted to do.

I did Solène’s (free) 10-day email course which made me realize that I wasn’t heading in the right direction. I eventually decided to work with Solène as someone had recommended her and after speaking together, I decided to invest in and for myself. I took the plunge as I wasn’t making much progress by myself and really needed help. We also both clicked which isn’t always the case with other coaches. What also motivated me was the fact that Solène was aligned with one of my values: Sustainability.

In terms of results after completing the program, I went from not really knowing where I was heading to having a business and knowing what direction to take. I have now created my website in French and English, and am working on the marketing and sales funnel to attract more clients. The major shift was seeing work as fun although I had always considered it as ‘painful’.

My advice would be: “Do not hesitate and invest in yourself”. If you want to launch your business, it’s also important to have a coach that guides you like Solène, so you don’t stay alone in your corner.

Thank you again Solène for your program and for also being transparent with your weaknesses. It’s very inspiring and I have discovered a whole new world.

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