When you want to make a positive difference in the world using the leverage of entrepreneurship (to both create something of value AND escape the corporate world for good ^^), you need a valid IDEA.

A concept that can translate your ambition into a clear value proposition, to link your key talents & offer with a key need for your clients or beneficiaries.

In this blog article, I want to share with you the #1 mistake I see impact-driven entrepreneurs do (and that I did myself, several times in fact!) when it comes to validating their idea before launching it.

Indeed, this validation phase can happen at different time in your entrepreneurial journey :

  • At the very beginning, when your entrepreneurial journey is just starting and you spend weeks (sometime even months… or years?!) perfecting your concept,
  • When developing a new product or service to serve a need you’ve identified while serving your first few clients,
  • When you feel the need to pivot – and start planning a whole new direction for your business,
  • When looking at scaling your impact with a more replicate model…

NOT doing the mistake Caroline – our Visual Storyteller – and I explain below will save you a lot of time, facilitate your sales (who doesn’t want that?!) and potentially prevent you from giving up your whole ambition if an idea is “not working”.


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