Did you know that you have 3 Money Archetypes that influences how you “deal” with money?!

As an entrepreneur – and especially an impact-driven entrepreneur – I believe it is essential to better understand your own relationship with money, and leverage it to create lasting impact. The good news is, whatever your unique combination is, everyone has the potential to create FLOW for their impact driven business.

The question is : are your leveraging your Money Personality in a way that is beneficial to your impact creation?

Because the truth is, making money is a big part of your role as an entrepreneur. When things are “stuck” on the money side, then your impact cannot go very far, and your fulfilment either.

And so even if “making money” is not your primary ambition, it is a mean to your end.

Transforming my own money mindset has had a huge impact in Creators for Good’s success. So much that I enrolled in a coaching certification on Money Mindset (and especially, Archetypes identification) because I believe all Impact-Driven and Sustainability-Ambitious entrepreneurs should embrace they money relation in an empowered way :)

Here are the different Money Archetypes, their key strengths and corresponding weaknesses !

Money Archetype #1 : The Ruler

The Ruler is fairly common amongst entrepreneurs. A good sign that you are a Ruler is if you are quite ambitious and always thriving to reach your goals (which you often do), always focus on the next goal as soon as you reach one (sometimes forgetting to celebrate/enjoy the results!)… coming from a deep belief that money/success takes hard work.

Money Archetype 8 - Creators for Good

Money Archetype #2 : The Nuturer

The Nurturer archetype is frequent amongst entrepreneurs who want to create good in the world. One of the most frequent symptoms of being a Nurturer is if you find yourself often sacrificing for others, and attracting clients who tend to ask a lot from you / challenge your boundaries.

Money Archetype 7 - Creators for Good

Money Archetype #3 : The Connector

Most Connector-entrepreneurs find it easy to match someone’s talents with another’s need. Their eye for potential collaboration come from the value they see in building relationships…while sometimes feeling disempowered or inadequate about money / creating value themselves.

Money Archetype 6 - Creators for Good

Money Archetype #4 : The Alchemist

The Alchemist is the social entrepreneur by essence. They are great at having innovative ideas that can change the world…once they allow themselves to monetise those ideas. It comes from their deep-down belief that there is in an unfair balance of money in the world (when in fact, it is the CIRCULATION of money that is most of the time unfair ;)).

Money Archetype 5 - Creators for Good

Money Archetype #5 : The Celebrity

Most entrepreneurs with a Celebrity Archetype can thrive when they use their talent for First-Class appearances in empowering their clients to shine bright (via marketing, communication, PR, sales, public speaking…). This talent often comes from not receiving positive opinions from loved-ones as a child.

Money Archetype 4 - Creators for Good

Money Archetype #6 : The Accumulator

A good sign that you are an Accumulator is if you always found ways to keep yourself out of dept. While this is a great asset as an entrepreneur, it also lead to a feeling of guilt when investing money : taking too much time to make investment decisions, or even renounce investing even if you do have the funds, and missing on potential Return On Investment that could speed up your business growth.

Money Archetype 3 - Creators for Good

Money Archetype # 7 : The Maverik

It is quite frequent for Maveriks to choose to become impact entrepreneurs : at the end of the day, that’s a risk they like to take ! And especially if it challenges the status quo… By far one of the most comfortable-with-money Archetype, the Maverik can struggle with big ups and downs if they forget to leverage their energy to create consistent income.

Money Archetype 1 - Creators for Good

Money Archetype #8 : The Romantic

Romantics often decide to become entrepreneurs in order to enjoy life to its fullest. While they enjoy spending money (on fun things if possible), they also tend to avoid looking at their finances and making thought-through financial decisions. This often comes from self-worth issues.

Money Archetype 2 - Creators for Good

Illustrations : Caroline Gaujour

Do you recognise yourself in some of those Archetypes ?! Share your “haha” moments in the comments below !

As mentioned in the introduction, our relationship with Money is more complex then just an Archetype… it is the combination of our top 3 Money Archetypes that create our unique profile and potential.

  • Very often, we can guess our top 2 and 3 Archetype… but we tend to resist/resent our #1 Archetype (because it’s our biggest strengths…so obvious we don’t even see it.. as well as our biggest challenge, the one we don’t want to face !)
  • Archetypes combination can sometimes balance each other : someone with both The Accumulator and The Romantic in their top 3 can find it easy to BOTH grow their savings AND enjoy life in the moment
  • Archetypes can sometimes create internal conflicts : someone with both The Ruler and The Alchemist in their top 3 can find it hard to BOTH fulfil their ambitious goals WHILE avoiding to earn “too much” money (thinking that would be “unfair”…)
  • Beyond identifying the Top 3 Archetypes, what is really valuable is to interpret those results based on the financial situation and goals you have, and identify the new Mantra you can use to change your mindset* and create more flow, more abundance, more success.

* note : adopting the behaviours/strategies of someone with an opposite Archetype is not helpful… it is transforming your mindset to leverage your own Archetype that will create lasting sustainable results. You don’t need to change yourself or copy others, all you need is to allow yourself to shine ;)


Solène is the Chief Empowerment Officer of Creators for Good.

She developed a methodology that allows Global Citizen to start and grow their own impactful businesses from anywhere in the world – and with no need for investors or government support.

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